Making tea, starting with a suitable pot

From ancient costumes or urban life dramas, we can always see an elderly person who is old enough to have lunch in a sunny afternoon, next to a bird cage or a small radio. Slowly out of the house, the other hand was holding a Zisha tea-pot that was able to hold, and walked to the recliner under the old banyan tree in the yard, lie down and listen to the little song, teasing Birds, from time to time, licking the tea in the two pots, enjoying this rare good time leisurely. No matter how much wind and rain, it seems to be put down at this moment; no matter how the years change, it seems to have solidified at this time.

The reality of life, because of the tension and busyness, there is very little time and opportunity to enjoy such a quiet afternoon.

Still, in the hearts of each of us,

there will still be a small world,

let the uneasy soul,

get a poetic dwelling.

Use a few Chenguang,

reading tea every day,

only smell the flowers, not talk about joy and sorrow,

a cup of tea, with a few friends.

So, we have a reason to slow down and taste the good mood of a cup of tea.

To make a pot of good tea, the Zisha tea-pot is an indispensable tea maker. Tea with it, without losing the original flavor, can make the tea taste more mellow. Because of its good air permeability, it can make the tea "staying in the heat." Moreover, the teapot is used for a long time, and the inner wall of the pot accumulates "tea rust", and the empty pot can also smell the tea scent, and the body will be more and more bright and warm.

Therefore, recommend a good pot.

Authentic mud, all handmade craftsmanship, pot-type domineering.

Price: RMB 6980