The past and present of Anhua Dark Tea

Release time:2018-10-31

Anhua dark tea began in the Qin and Han Dynasties and was said to have been created by Zhang Liang, also known as "Zhang Liang Flakes".

In the Han Dynasty, it was designated as a royal tribute, also known as "Royal Flakes."

In the Tang Dynasty, the tribute was named after the place of origin, and it was called “Qujiang Flakes”.

In the early Ming Dynasty, Hunan Dark Tea was based on the method of Sichuan Wucha (Ya'an Tibetan Tea), which improved its practice, mainly in the process of changing the steamed green (boiled) of Tibetan tea to fried green (pot fried), in contrast, dark tea has removed the green leaf gas, tastes alcohol, and has a loose scent. When the Tibetan lama tribute to the court in the early Ming Dynasty, the Ming court granted a large amount of tea, mainly based on Sichuan side tea. However, since the taste of Hunan dark tea is more popular among Tibetans, the lama bypassed Sichuan and smuggled tea directly from Hunan.

At the time of Ming Shenzong, the court found this problem. In the 23rd year of Wanli (1595), Tea Horse was established, and Hunan Dark Tea was officially designated as official tea, and it was not allowed to trade privately.

With the passage of time, the market naturally screened, Anhua dark tea is increasingly loved by the people in the northwest.

In the Qing Dynasty, the Shanxi, Shanxi, and Gansu tea merchants with strong financial resources organized and set up shops in Anhua, so the banks on both sides of the Zijiang River were prosperous. In the first year of Daoguang, for the convenience of transportation, Bailiang tea was born. During the Tongzhi years, it was made into Qianliang tea. The old scale 1000 liang goes to 62.5 jin of tea. Since 1 jin of Qing Dynasty is about 580g, 62.5*580=36250g, which is now 36.25kg, matches the current weight of 1000 liang.

Hundreds of years of history have proven that dark tea has become a daily necessity for the people of the frontier. In the frontier, there is a saying that "it is better to have no food for three days, no tea for one day."

In 1939, Mr. Peng Xianze of the original Anhua Tea Factory took the lead in suppressing the first piece of dark brick tea.

In 1953, the first Fu brick tea was successfully suppressed.

In 1958, the first piece was successfully pressed with a dark brick tea pressing technology.

Anhua No. 1 Tea Factory: It was established in 1937 by Zhangzhou Company in Zhangzhou. It was taken over by the Hunan Provincial Government in 1950 and changed to Hunan Anhua Tea Factory.

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