How to make a cup of Anhua dark tea?

Release time:2018-10-31

Anhua Dark tea, as a "coarse grain" in tea, is similar in some respects to Pu'er, but on the packaging, the variety of Qianliang tea is only Dark tea, so how to take out the tea tied with bamboo poles?

Anhua Dark tea is the same as the Pu'er tea method before tea brewing, while Qianliang tea is not the same. Because of its different packaging, it is wrapped in eucalyptus leaves, outsourcing brown, and then using bamboo. The bundles are tightly clamped,so before the tea is brewed, the tea must be removed first.

The process of splitting the Qianliang tea: 1. Take out the top of the coffin; 2. Loosen the stringers bundled in the outside; 3. Remove the black tea wrapped with the leaves; 4. Poke the black tea with a tea knife. Put it in the teapot.

When brewing Dark tea, the tenderer tea is more boring, and the thick old tea is more boring. Coarse old tea can also be boiled, each tea has its own characteristics, only the real Dark tea has its specific effect.

Things to pay attention to make tea

1, Pay attention to the length of the brewing time

The brewing time is based on the taste of the tea soup suitable for the taste of the drinker. Generally speaking, drinking Anhua Dark tea, the brewing time should be short, generally about 2 minutes, the number of brewing dark tea can reach 5-7 times, with the increase of the number of brewing, the brewing time should be extended.

When brewing, it is best to pour a small amount of boiling water, soak the tea leaves, and then add up to 70% or 80%. When you drink about one-third of the tea soup left in the cup, add the second brewing water. When you continue to drink one-third of the tea, brew it for the third time. This will make the concentration of the tea before and after.

2, Choose the appropriate tea utensils

For brewing dark tea, it is advisable to choose a rough and atmospheric tea set. Generally, it is mainly made of thick-walled teapot or Ruyi Cup. It is better to use a transparent glass for the fair cup and teacup. This tea is filtered and then used to drink in a glass. Its soup color is very beautiful and entertaining.

3, we must pay attention to the quality of water quality

The ancients chose the water for making tea, which is active, sweet, clear, and soft. Generally, natural water, such as mountain spring water, river water, well water, rain water, snow water, etc., are used.

4, Pay attention to the water temperature of brewing

Brewing Anhua Dark tea, because each time the amount of tea is more and the tea is thick and old, it is generally brewed with boiling water of 100 degrees. Sometimes, in order to maintain the water temperature, it is necessary to use hot water to boil hot tea before brewing. After brewing, drip the water outside the pot. Water ratio: The ratio of high-grade brick tea and Tianjian tea is about 1:30, and the old brick tea is about 1:20.

Method of making tea

1, Cooking tea

Use glass boiled water or kettle, filter net, fair cup, and taste cup. When brewing, first use boiling water to warm the pot and put the tea into the pot. The tea dosage is generally 1:20 (according to the tea ingredients and Personal preference to increase or decrease the amount of tea).

Inject cold spring water (or static tap water) into the pot to 80%, boil until boiling at 100 ° C, about 1 minute (by shortening or prolonging according to the old tenderness of the tea and personal taste), the tea soup is drained with a filter. In the fair cup, drink tea and drink in a cup. It can be cooked many times until the brown color and the tea tastes lighter.

Cooking tea can better reflect the pure aroma of black brick tea (some slightly loose smoked incense) and the mellow quality characteristics of the tea soup.

2, Soaking tea

The method of direct brewing is simple and easy, and is the favorite method of drinking by most consumers. The tea utensils used can be elegant cups, porcelain bowls, and can also be brewed with purple-grit tea pots and porcelain pots.

When brewing, first boil the water to 100 °C, then heat the cup, press the tea and water ratio (1:25~30), soak for 1 to 2 minutes, filter the tea and divide it into the cup. Smell, look and taste, and appreciate the unique fragrance and rhyme of Anhua Dark tea. After brewing several times, you can change the tea after the tea tastes light, and the brewed tea can also be boiled.

3, Mixing tea

The milk tea made from Anhua Dark tea is rich in nutrients and has the functions of refreshing, appetizing, digesting and quenching thirst.

First put the tea into a small bag, tighten the bag, put it into boiling water, cook for about 10 minutes, the tea soup is purple, then put the fresh milk (cattle, sheep, camel) in the tea with a ratio of 6:1 and bring to the boil. Adding salt bar to become salty milk tea is a drink that the Mongolian and other ethnic minorities drink and treat.

In daily life, you can also use the method of brewing. First brew the tea at a ratio of 1:20 for 5 minutes, then drain the tea, and then add milk and other condiments according to your personal taste (such as strawberries and other fruits , chrysanthemum, rose, etc.), can be salty and sweet, with different flavors.